Well of course you jumped to stereotypes and got me all wrong.

I”m actually more interested in the truth than slander from either side.

I don’t want Government telling me what and how to do things and I certainly don’t want Big Corporations trying to monopolize the market and control what we do and say either.

So I think we should redo campaign finance and reform it so that corporations can’t buy politicians. Nor can countries like China who is has a huge lobby. Nor can Big Pharma who has an even larger lobby and also controls the media through big bucks advertising.

That’s why I like guys like Trump. He is not a politician, he is a business real estate guy, he doesn’t need their money. He is not afraid to call out those who are the establishment “swamp” which are basically all those lifetime politicians who will lie like snakes to get into office and then do as little as possible (and in many cases, as they lack any real world experience, are incapable of getting anything done). He’s not ideal but will be one hell of a lot better than electing a lifetime politician capable of nothing other than endless BS rhetoric.

I have come to realize that the way this country survives as a free country is to have the pendulum swing back and forth. This balances us out. It doesn’t make us crazy leftists and it doesn’t make us right wing capitalists but it always leaves us something in the middle. Which is called freedom. We already have many social programs. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security etc. And, on top of that we have many charitable organizations which all private citizens and corporations can support. I see that as an ideal system. And one where we only have to make sure doesn’t swing too far one way or another over a period of years.

Another thing. Yes the police should be reigned in once and a while. But by and large, the majority of them have the most difficult job in the country. Saving lives, preventing crime and sorting out each incident. I would rather have the police, a body we can regulate and change like we are doing than street gang rule.

Speaking in empty platitudes really is not constructive.

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